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Biggin's Door Refinishing

"You may find somebody cheaper, but you can't find anybody BETTER"

What our customers are saying!

"The wood had deteriorated from direct sunlight four months each year.

They arrived on time, did a meticulous job of stripping and sanding the door down to the drywall surface and then refinished it. Outstanding workmanship in every respect."

Lyle P. San Antonio, TX

"He transformed a tired 21 year old door into a beautiful entrance to our home. Stripped and refinished door like new with a new stain and a number of coats of polyurethane to protect it.

Our entrance was covered to keep out the 50̊ cold; the work area was set up on our driveway with no noise or chemical odors, and it continued for more hours than anticipated due to the condition of the solid core and stained glass construction.

The digital alarm system required special alignment when he rehung the door and he also attached the new hardware we bought for the door and it was done perfectly.

He is not only an artist, but a knowledgeable craftsman, and we could not be happier with your work ethic or the way you “renewed” our front door.

The word was done as PROMISED and he DELIVERED!"

Marshall B. San Antonio, TX.